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Nippon Keiko Kagakyu CO. LTD

Lumikol water based fluorescent dispersions

Nippon Keiko, Japan is a longstanding manufacturer of fluorescent dispersions for the writing ink industry.

Lumikol A-200 series fluorescent dispersions are specifically designed for the flexographic ink maker. The advantages of this range of colourants are:-

  • Fine average particle size (approx. 0.4 micron)
  • Narrow particle size range (+/- 0.1 micron)
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Ease of transfer
  • Excellent daylight fluorescent colours
  • High pigment concentration (above 50%)

There are 2 other product ranges available:-

  • Lumikol NKW-3200 series
    – for felt marker pens
    – very fine particle size (average 0.1 micron)
  • Lumikol NKW-2200 series
    – for metallic nib Gel pens
    – higher viscosity, strong colours.

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