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Nemoto Lumi-Materials Co. Ltd

Nemoto Lumi-Materials Co. Ltd

Phosphorescent Pigments

Nemoto Lumi-Materials Co Ltd., Japan is a world leading manufacturer of inorganic phosphorescent and UV fluorescent pigments with fine particle size and high efficiency.

Phosphorescent pigments are charged by UV light. They store and re-emit energy in the form of visible light over a period after the removal of the light source. They are not radioactive.

They may be split into two categories :-

GSS pigments based on Zinc Sulphide with afterglow of 2-4 hours.

  • Traditional low cost Glow-in-the-Dark pigment with yellow/green body and emission colour.
  • Fine particle and orange emission colour versions are also available.
  • Applications include safety items in plastics and paint systems.

LumiNova® pigments based on Strontium Aluminate with afterglow in excess of 12 hours.

  • High performance pigments with main body and emission colour yellow/green but also available with blue/green and violet emission colours.
  • Excellent UV stability and weathering resistance provided the pigment is protected from moisture.
  • Special grades are available for fine printing applications.
  • Main applications are in non-electrical safety evacuation systems.

The principal pigment manufacturing location for Nemoto is in Portugal and therefore they comply with all the European requirements for Health & Safety, Materials Handling and Transport regulations including the registration for REACh where applicable.

In addition Nemoto offer a free technical service to their customers for luminance measurement of products using their phosphorescent pigments according to DIN 67510 or other international standards to support new development.

UV Fluorescent Pigments

UV Fluorescent pigments are inorganic neutral body colour pigments with fine particle size and a range of colour emissions under UV light excitation which disappear almost immediately after removal of the light source.

Most are excited by long wave UV (365nm) and short wave UV (254nm) but some are excited only by short wave UV sources.

  • Particle sizes range from 2,5-5 micron (average) but products may be adjusted to suit specific applications.
  • Chemical resistance is good and pigments may be used in solvent and water-based vehicles.
  • Lightfastness ranges from good to excellent for high security applications.

Main applications are in security ink, fibre and paper for anti-counterfeit, brand protection and product verification.

Special types may be developed to meet individual customer’s requirements under strict Confidentiality Agreement.

We invite you to contact us directly to discuss your individual requirements.

Lumipearl Light Diffusion Powder

Special inorganic pigment based on Calcium Carbonate combined with other additives. Its unique crystal structure gives excellent diffusion efficiency and uniform transmissivity.

It may be used in a wide range of polymers as a light diffuser in lamp protectors and as a matting agent for cosmetic packaging.