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Dupont Soy Polymers

DuPont Soy Polymers

SoBindTM Soy polymers are renewable products that are efficient binders and thickeners for industrial coatings. They are  designed to provide a balance between performance, cost reduction and sustainability.

There are two main product groups:-

SoBindTM Balance

SoBindTM Balance soy polymers provide functional improvements compared to alternative binders, adhesives and rheology modifiers currently used in industrial markets. Innovative production technology leads to a high degree of active sites on each molecule which is why these products display superior characteristics.

These products are used for partial or complete replacement of latex and other binders, viscosity modifiers and/or thickeners.

SoBindTM Clarity

SoBindTM Clarity soy polymers provide the same functionality as SoBindTM Balance but with improved transparency. Consequently films cast from suspensions of SoBindTM Clarity are glossy, clear and almost colourless. They may be used as either partial or complete replacements of casein, acrylic emulsion polymers and other binders, viscosity modifiers and thickeners.

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